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There is No Substitute for the Real Inspector

on Sat, 03/03/2012 - 22:37

During a recent condominium remodeling project in Pompano Beach, the kitchen contractor had supplied 10 recessed lights and requested we install them. We noticed the cans were not URL approved and the lamps were 110 volt halogen. We pointed out to the kitchen contractor that this will become a problem and suggested they fix the problem immediately. The contractor said "don't worry, we install hundreds of these lamps all the time". We followed the contractor's instructions and surprisingly passed the rough inspection without a code violation.

Did I mention that the 'normal inspector' (no pun intended) was on vacation during the rough inspection? At the time of the final inspection, the 'normal inspector' had returned and noticed immediately that the halogen lamps were burning hot, even with the kitchen cabinet doors open. He said "this is not safe" and demanded they be removed. The kitchen contractor reduced the wattage of the lamps hoping to solve the problem. The kitchen contractor was forced to remove the incorrect cans and lamps replacing them with safety approved items, thanks to the safety conscious 'normal inspector'. 

Only purchase URL approved devices and trust advice from an experienced Fort Lauderdale electrician like myself who are watching out for you. I am here to help. Call me anytime at 954-452-4343.

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