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Light Up Your Life

on Sat, 03/03/2012 - 06:00


We light up your life, whether it be by the old incandescent lamps, halogen fluorescent or LED (lighting emitting diodes) types light. Let me clarify a few issues floating around:

The 100 watt incandescent lamp will not longer be available - why? Simply put, it puts out too much heat when used in light fixtures not designed to

support this much heat. When used in ceiling lights and table lamps, the 100 watt light bulb causes fire. I think insurance companies had something to do
with these being removed from the market. I agree, it is much safer to not have 100 watt light bulbs available.
CFC (compact fluorescent lamps) are considered 'green'. These are great options to incandescent lamps; less energy, less heat and long lasting. But
be careful, most are not dim-able and will flicker when used in a circuit with a dimmer.
New fluorscent lamps are available and are dim-able. The Chinese virtually control the earth minerals to produce these lamps and are raising prices.
Mercury and argon gases are dangerous, so do not eat the lamps. Short of that, you shouldn't worry.
Halogen lamps are very hot, are not efficient and have a short life span. Use only when you need true light as these do not distort color. LED (Light
emitting diades) will one day illuminate the world. This technology has advanced well and should be seriously considered when installing any lights
in your home or business.
In conclusion, I love light and all its uses. Please call me at 954-452-4343 when you need to replace, install, retrofit or design your lighting needs. I am here to help.
Dennis Casey, President


Isolated products will be the trend of the future In the LED lighting market, isolated products will be the trend of the future. The products are integrated and enclosed within the non-conductive casing, therefore, the end user has no danger of electric shock, could touch led and the output wiring place ( usually in the LED lighting and street lighting) REASHINE CO .,LIMITED puts forward led isolated tube to meet the market demand.  LED drive power with isolation transformers can be directly touched by hands without electric shock. Isolation type is to use transformer to isolate the input end and the output end so as to achieve isolation,it could isolate from the input to the output so as to avoid the risk of electric shock.  The insulating layer can withstand high voltage 2000V, approved by UL Standard.  Energy efficient: efficiency of 90%, PF0.9  Beam Angle: 240°, Large light angle, full range of exposure

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