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The Heat is On - Electrical Meters

on Mon, 08/27/2012 - 18:47


Heat plays a major roll in causing breakdowns in our electrical systems, electronics, and communication devices. Transmission of electricity through your electrical meter and main disconnect panel combined with ambient temperatures will eventually cause you problems. How will you know? 

The lights in your home will begin to flicker, then your air conditioner or major appliances malfunction. Confused, your next phone call will be to your favorite electrician and hopefully that’s me. What you hope for is a quick fix. Unfortunately, your hopes become a nightmare thanks in part to Florida Power & Light. The following is a typical example of what happens:

  1. The electrician observes burnt aluminum wiring in the meter can or exterior main disconnect panel.
  2. The electrician calls Florida Power & Light requesting they disconnect power to your home. This could take hours for them to respond and an electrician should be present when Florida Power & Light perform's the disconnect.
  3. An electrical permit must now be applied for through the local building department.
  4. An electrical inspection is scheduled, within a 4 hour window where an electrician must be present.
  5. FPL arrives and disconnects the power.
  6. The electrician makes the repair.
  7. The electrician waits for the electrical inspector to show up and approve the repair.
  8. The electrical inspector passes the repair and calls Florida Power & Light to return and reconnect the power. This could take hours for Florida Power & Light to show up at your home, while an electrician must be on standby.

By this point, you are probably asking yourself, how much will this cost and could it have been avoided? $1,200 is a ballpark price and yes, this situation can be avoided.

Call a trusted electrical contractor, like myself, and ask for a preventive electrical system inspection. Without getting too technical, there are maintenance adjustments I can make to prevent major electrical system breakdowns. 


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